Creating the Bootable USB (Pen Drive) for re‐flashing

Preparation of USB pen drive:
Step 1. Download utility form below link
Step 2. Extract the zip file “ImagingTool.rar”
Step 3. Insert the USB‐Key (Pendrive) to system
Step 4. Format the USB Key (PENDRIVE) with Fat32 FS
Step 5. Launch the unetbootin‐windows‐408.exe file
Step 6. Select the Disk image browse for the ISO file extracted “Image for LinuxR1.iso.

Step 7. Select the Type “USB Drive” then select Drive 
{Drive letter where USB KEY (pendrive) is mapped}

Step 8. Click OK to proceed.
Step 9. Click Exit, Eject the pendrive and plu‐in again.
Step 10. Create folder “Image” on USB Key (Pen Drive)
Step 11. Copy .tbi files on image folder created.
Now Pen drive is ready for the re‐flashing.

Re‐flashing procedure:
Step 12. 1. Plug‐in the pen drive to thin client
Step 13. Power on the thin client
Step 14. Go to CMOS and change the boot order, to boot it from a USB Key (Pen Drive)

(if USB Key does not appear in the Hard disk boot order, then in COMS > Integrated Peripherals > USB
Device Settings.

Change mode to HDD mode from Auto of listed USB Key (Pen drive) under ***USB Mass Storage Device
BootSettings*** and then save changes and reboot the thin client and go to COMS settings and select the boot
device as USB Key (Pen drive)


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