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SCCM Non-Client Troubleshooting Steps

Sometimes the most challenging part of the Configuration Manager 2007 can be ensuring that the client successfully reports to the site server. This document will describe step by step instructions to troubleshoot Non-Client Machines. 
There are various reasons why a client may not be able to report to even if the SCCM agent is installed on a machine. A few of these reasons with troubleshooting are discussed below:
1. The first thing to check is whether the client is on the network, and if it’s not on the network, does the system even exist?  It’s possible that represents a stale record from AD. 2. Systems NOT on the network:  If the system is not actually on the network, check if it is shutdown, and if so if it’s been shut down for long time.  If yes then first restart the system and then initiate the discovery cycle from the control panel agent properties action TAB. 3. Stale Entries:  When you use AD discovery, the DDRs (Data Discovery Records) are created for the computers that resid…