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Troubleshooting Frequent Account lockout

Most of the users account will get locked from locally desktops and Mobile devices or idle sessions left on Server / workstation, We need to start Account lookout troubleshooting from below order. Client side troubleshootingMobile devicesServer side  troubleshootingClient side Perform the below steps on client side (Local desktop / Laptop)
Clear Temporary FilesDelete Cookies ->Temp Files -> History -> Saved passwords -> Forms from all the Browsers.Start — > Run –> Temp –> Delete all temp files.Start –> Run –> Prefetch –> Delete all Prefetch files.Remove Mapped drives from my computer.  My Computer –> Right click on Shared drive –> click on DisconnectIf Adobe reader is installed, backend it will be trying to check for latest update, Delete the Adobe updater file from below path. Delete the AdobeUpdater.dll file in the folder C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader version \ReaderRemove stored passwords from Control PanelStart –> Run –> Type Control UserPas…

Unable to connect to Wireless profile being pushed using GPO

Today , some laptop users started reporting as they are unable to connect to ‘Wireless profile’ after SCEP installation has taken place. I found, most of the laptop users were having this issue. I immediately uninstalled SCEP but that didn’t help , tried removing Wi-Fi profiles under the path ‘C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Wlansvc\Profiles\Interfaces\Interface’ but that didn’t help too.
Error- When checking event viewer, the only error that showed up is as follows 5 times in a row.          “Error skipping EAP method DLL path name validation failed. Error: typeId=25, authorId=0,vendorId=0,vendorType=0”, This error indicates a registry or missing corrupt file issue.
EAPHost is a Microsoft Windows Networking component that provides an Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) infrastructure for the authentication of following protocols such as802.1XandPoint-to-Point(PPP).
Cause - Symantec didn’t uninstall properly caused this issue.
Resolution – After checking the Group Policy  ‘Wireless Network…