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How to find the computer name of one PC connected in LAN through IP Adress

Method 1. Check the DHCP Adresses list in the DHCP sever
Method 2. Broadcast net view command and then do the nbtstat -a -n (e.g nbtstat -a

Windows Server 2008 R2 and Print Logging


Buying a computer can be a confusing and expensive process. There are many choices -- desktop or laptop, Windows or Mac? And the terminology can also be confusing.A desktop computer is one that sits on a table in a home or office and is not intended to be moved around. They are also slightly cheaper (depending on specifications, brand etc). Laptops are portable computers that you can easily pack into a bag and take with you wherever you go. You can choose one depending on your portability and budget requirementsBASIC COMPUTER TERMINOLOGYHere are some basics about computers to help you buy one that meets your needs:CPU (Central Processing Unit): The term CPU is sometimes used to refer to the case that houses the computer components, but technically the CPU is only one chip inside the computer’s case (see processor).Processor: The processor is the brains of the computer. This is where all the data processing is handled – all the data manipulation, calculations and formatting d…

Startup Errors In Excel

This page describes how to diagnose and fix errors that may occur during start up:-
Isolate The Scope Of The ProblemThe first step in any sort of troubleshooting is to isolate the scope of the problem. Does the problem occur only with a specific workbook? If so, you can focus your efforts on determining what is wrong with that specific file. Possible causes may be that the workbook file has become corrupted or is nearing a corrupt state. Or, it might be related to code in the workbook that automatically executes when the workbook is opened (via either an Auto_Open procedure or the workbook's Workbook_Open event procedure in the ThisWorkbook module.
Start Excel In Safe ModeWhen you run Excel in Safe Mode, Excel does not open add-ins or other startup files. It is a clean no-frills mode of operation with many options unavailable. To run Excel in Safe Mode, go to the Windows Start menu, choose Run, and enter

Excel.exe /safe

You may need to enter the entire path to Excel:


Outlook 2007 is very slow

We're seeing many reports of Outlook 2007 being very, very slow. As of this date, we don't know the cause but we do have some possible solutions. Before trying these solutions, install the Outlook Performance update

Solution 1: Rename or delete outcmd.dat, extend.dat, views.dat and frmcache.dat. Outlook will recreate these files as needed. Look for these files at the following locations in Windows XP and 7:

C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook Frmcache.dat:
C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook Solution 2: Create a new PST. Although the Outlook 2007 PST is essentially identical to the P…

Video chatting: All you need to know

With a standard video chat, you can see a friend and talk face to face. But with a group chat, you and three or more friends can see each other and talk at the same time.

Skype offers group video chat, but unlike the oneto-one video chat, you have to pay for this. You can initiate video chats between three or more people (maximum 10 at a time) and at least one person needs to have Skype Premium or a group video subscription (US$ 8.99 per month).

You can try the group feature free for 7 days to see if it works reliably for you. As a free alternative, you can always use Oovoo on your PC ( Three-way video chats are free with Oovoo, or you could choose one of their pay per month or pay per use plans, as detailed on the website.

To make group video calls using a phone has not been possible till now. Fring is going to be first with this feature, and they currently want feedback from users, so it is available as a free Beta for iPhone/iPod Touch and Android phones. An…

Windows cannot connect to the printer, error 0x00000057

windows 7 service pack 1 failed to install "error code 0x8000700d "

Method 1: Download the windows installer clean up utility from:
Install and run the tool. Remove the two updates that were failing, if you find it.Method 2:Put the system in clean boot state by following the article: 3: Run the following commands in an elevated command prompt and press enter after every command.
1. net stop wuauserv
2. net stop bits
3. net stop cryptsvc
4. ren %windir%\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
5. ren %Windir%\System32\catroot2 catroot2.old
6.Exit from the command prompt. Restart the computer.7. Try to run the package
Method 4:Install SP1 using Windows Update methodWindows Update method is most easy and recommended method to install Service Pack 1 update on your Windows 7 computer. Make sure computer is connected to internet before you perform following steps.1. Click Start and type Windows Update in search box.Then press the Enter key.2. Then click ‘Check for Upda…