Browser back button problem.

Method #1 Browser Back - Steps to Disable Active Scripting Internet Explorer

1. While you are viewing the website you are stuck on, click on Internet Options >> Security >> Choose "Custom Level" (example below)

2. Once the Security Settings window opens, scroll-down until you see Scripting >> Active Scripting.
Under Active Scripting choose "Disable" - NOTE: Disabling this feature will also turn off scripts
that might be useful to you on other websites.
You can turn it back on after you effectively back-out
of the site. Alternatively, you can choose "Prompt" for scripting. However, this will bring multiple dialogue
boxes asking you to allow /disallow scripts.

3. Once you have chosen your scripting options click "OK" and "Apply" changes.

In most cases this solves the browser back problem. What it may not address is something called META refresh redirects. These types of redirects can also be disabled inside the Security Settings window.


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