SCCM Administrative Checklist

Please find the list of activities which an Administrator needs to check on SCCM site servers to ascertain the performance of SCCM servers. I have categorized it in different task categories:

  • Daily Tasks
  • Weekly Tasks
  • Monthly Tasks
  • Quarterly Tasks
  • Half Yearly Tasks
  • Yearly Tasks

Daily Tasks include administrative activities as below:
  • Monitoring Alerts on SCOM web console
  • Ensuring availability of SCCM site servers
  • Monitoring & Controlling SCCM site health status
  • Monitoring & Controlling client health status
  • Ensuring successful backup on all primary servers
  • Monitoring site system’s inbox folder(s)
  • Ensuring ongoing production packages are copied to DPs
  • Monitoring long running queries
  • Monitoring Audit messages

Weekly Tasks include administrative activities as below:
  • Delete unnecessary objects
  • Delete unnecessary files from site systems
  • Check disk space on all site systems
  • Check advertisement status
  • Review Package status
  • Review sync between SCCM (Parent-Child) sites
  • Clean out old machines and user accounts

Monthly Tasks include administrative activities as below:
  • Defragment all sccm site systems
  • Perform Database Maintenance
  • Review advertisement success/failure rate
  • Review SCCM updates & SQL updates on all sccm servers
  • Reviewing AD & SMS objects
  • Review SCCM site settings on all SCCM servers
  • Performance review & tuning
  • Stale object deletion from SCCM database

Quarterly Tasks include administrative activities as below:
  • Review SCCM Site boundaries
  • Review SCCM-OU Mapping
  • Review CIC tickets for Infrastructure related issues
  • Capacity planning

Half Yearly Tasks include administrative activities as below:
  • Package Archival
  • SCCM hierarchy review
  • Review SCCM security
  • Review SCCM reports
  • Review security updates on sccm servers

Yearly Tasks include administrative activities as below:
  • Perform DR test
  • Review SCCM Design
  • Review Documentation
  • Review Maintenance plan



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