Windows 7 dual physical screens remain blank after remote desktop

Description: If you running Win7 Enterprise version on a Dell Optiplex 755 ,780 or 790  with an ATI Radeon HD2400Pro PCIe card and the ATI 9.11 Catalyst Drivers/Control Center, you might have encountered this issue.
Error: "No Such Error"

There is no such solution available so far but there are couple of workarounds that might work out:

  • Unplugged the DVI cables from  monitors, swapped the cables over and plugged them back in (this is because monitor #1 was on the right and not set as primary. 
  • Try to update the Graphics driver.
  • At console session... Keep in mind, you will not see any change in the main screen until after you have completed the steps.

    1)  Hit CTR-ALT-DELETE
    2)  Type your password
    4)  Hit ENTER twice.

    This actually will work.
  • Log in another computer and check the Windows Desktop Manager service, if it is stopped, try starting and check if it works. 

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