ConfigMgr 2012: Upcoming Enhancements in SP1

You can view the announcement at

Enhancements include:
  • Platform Support:
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 8 tablet (Intel SoC) support
    • Mac OS X
    • Linux and Unix
  • Operating System Deployment: Windows To Go support
  • Application Delivery:
    • Win 8 apps
    • Deep link applications
    • Network Cost Support
  • PowerShell Provider
  • PowerShell Cmdlets:
    • Tasks exposed in the Administration Console
    • Suitable experience for administrator (not the SDK)
    • Align with PowerShell general contentions
  • Bitlocker changes:
    • TMP and PIN
    • Used Space Bitlocker
  • Prestaged media now supports additional content
    • WIM, Applications, Drivers, Package/Programs
  • Flexible hierarchy management:
    • Ability to add a new Central Administration Site
    • Migration between ConfigMgr 2012 hierarchies
  • Hierarchy easier to control:
    • Schedule replication for a given link
    • SQL Server distributed views
    • Compression for SQL Server data
  • Software Updates Management:
    • Fallback to Windows Update for content
    • Definition updates 3x/day
  • Endpoint Protection
    • Real-time administrative actions
  • Settings Management: User Profile and Data Management
    • Client Side Caching
    • Roaming User Profiles
    • Folder Redirection


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