Top 5 best windows uninstaller.

Uninstaller efficiently scan the Windows registry and hard drive to delete any leftover installation files and recover lost space. We can also use free hard drive scanning software such as WinDirStat (get it from that scans your entire hard drive and displays a detailed screenshot of what is consuming your storage space. You can view files by size, type or other criteria. Once you find the errant files, you can manually delete them from within the software too.

Top 5 Uninstaller:
Iobit Uninstaller (get it from
2. Revo Uninstaller
3. My uninstaller by Nirsoft.
4. PC Decrapifier.
5. APPRemover" by OPSWAT, which is only for removing outdated security products (or horrible ones like Norton or McAfee) to make way for a new one. You can remove most of them automatically and simultaneously with a few clicks .


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