Creating Chrome extension package in SCCM 2012

Last month I was asked to create an SCCM package for chrome extension - 'RingDNA' (Intelligent dialer for salesforce) .  Well , at first place , it looks stupid, creating an package for chrome ext. which is just one click away installing from chrome web store, anyways , I still gave a try.

1. First of all, I downloaded the .crx file using this Chrome Extension down loader -

2. In the Registry, I created a new key under the Extensions key with the same name as the ID of your extension. If you don't know the ID, follow these steps to note the ID-
            a) Install the required extension manually
            b) Open settings from chrome menu bar> click on Extensions> enable developer mode                         from top right corner, will show the IDs for all installed extensions.
            c) Alternate way, open C:\Users\<currentuser>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User                       Data\Default\Extensions , will create a folder with same name as ID of your extension

3. I created a .reg file with following keys.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Now, you'll be wondering, why I had to create 'Extensions' key in first line because  it wasn't created default in registry, ideally it should create automatically at the time of chrome installation,  that's why I had to create this key first, followed by a  new key under the Extensions key with the same name as the ID of 'RingDNA' and in the extensions key , then created a property, "update_url"=""  (this points to your extension's crx in the Chrome Web Store)
4. Now create a package in sccm using above .reg file.
3. Click install, Click on Yes, it’ll install in the background. 
4. After a while, re-open chrome.
5. A pop up will prompt on the upper right corner and will stay there for a while, click on Enable extension before it fade away.
6. Extension icon should display on upper right corner will clear that extension has been added successfully.


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