The task sequence cannot be run because the program files cannot be located

When starting deployment on Site servers deployment fails with the following error: Failed to run Task sequence. The task sequence cannot be run because the program files for ******** cannot be located on a distribution point. For more Information, contact your System Administrator or Helpdesk Operator.
Check following steps to troubleshoot the issue:
-Check if boundary groups are connected to site servers and boundaries are set
-Redistribute and Validate the ConfigMgr client package on multiple site servers (multiple times)
-Check if VLAN communication is working on security, firewall and access control list

The following errors are seen in SMSTS.log
-Content location request for PR100003:3 failed. (Code 0x80040102)
-Failed to resolve PackageID=<?>
-Failed to resolve selected task sequence dependencies. Code(0x80040102)
-ThreadToResolveandExecuteTaskSequence failed. Code(0x80040102)

Reference :


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