Config Mgr 2012 - Permanently deleting.... 'distmgr.log'

Problem Description - Recently we come across very strange, shitty and crappy issue. We weren't able to distribute any of the packages or applications resulting work loss and productivity.

Error -  

I was  following in the ‘distmgr.log’ file and noticed TON of messages like the following.

at the outset, they weren't seems error, I've never seen such errors before and couldn't  find anywhere in the forums, not sure what these messages were referring to. 

initially, we wait for one day , two days BUT these messages didn't disappear.

Resolution -  We went through all the hierarchy settings and site settings , couldn't find anything useful.

When i opened "SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER' component and checked the logs  surprisingly found that 'software update' package size to 25 GB was deleted from all 7 distribution points and considering it's size, it took 7 days to successfully removed the package from all 'DP's', Phew.

When  i further grilled, i came to know, the guy who deleted this package further spoken that 'software package' was stick 'in progress' state for last two days. that's why he removed the package from ALL DP's

Lesson learned. never ever delete such big size packages or applications  otherwise ready to face the consequences which we faced .


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