SCCM Client Installed but Console Shows No Client Installed

Possible Reasons:

  1. First just check the ccmsetup.log on client. Verify the successful installation of sccm client.  It should give exit with return code 0. 
  2. If it is correct, go in control panel and check for configuration manager icon (By selecting small icon view). 
  3. If it is there, double click it. Now check on the general tab whether you can see client certificate, management point, and unique identifier. 
  4. If yes, then go to action tab and check whether you can see all the required actions. 
  5. If you can see all the actions, go to Site tab and see whether you can see your site code or not. 
  6. If all the above checks are successful, try restarting the client machine if possible.
  7. Additionally thing try to ping FQDN of SCCM Site Server from the client and vice versa
  8. CCM.log on SCCM Site server 
  9. Clientlocation.log & LocationService.log on client.
  10. Check for Network access account and Client push installation is enabled.
  11. Check the firewall settings in the client machine, be sure to turn it off or have the required firewall exclusions on place


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