Client System Administration tool

Client System Administration Tool:
  • Connects to currently logged-in domain on startup
  • Search for PC - Search Active Directory for computers matching the string in the textbox
  • System Info - Gathers info about PC, user session, make/model, hardware, OS, networking and McAfee
  • Local Admins - Enumerates local administrators and allows you to remove them
  • Applications - Enumerates installed software and allows you to uninstall
  • Startup Items - Enumerates startup items and allows you to remove them
  • Processes - Enumerates running processes and allows you to kill them
  • Remote Desktop - Remote desktop into computer
  • Remote Assistance - Initiate remote assistance session with remote computer
  • View C Drive - Opens explorer to the C drive of remote computer
  • Restart Computer - Restarts remote computer (Includes confirmation)
  • File Menu
    • Connect to domain... - Connect to a different domain
    • Find User in AD - Enter user's name, search for it in AD and output to Grid View
    • Find User on PC - Enter computer name, see who is logged into it and then search for that user in AD
  • View Menu
    • View McAfee AntiVirus logs
    • View WSUS logs
    • View Event Viewer
    • View Services
    • View Local Users/Groups
  • Quick Fix
    • Group Policy Update - Run 'gpupdate /force'
    • Lock Computer - Lock the remote computer
    • McAfee DAT Update - Updates DATS
    • Reader Fix IE Plugin - Update Reader's exe path in registry to fix IE plugin
    • Rename Computer - Renames remote computer and reboots it
    • WSUS - Detect - Run 'wuauclt /detectnow'
    • WSUS - Report - Run 'wuauclt /reportnow'
    • WSUS - Reset Client ID - Fixes an issue where computers do not show up in WSUS



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